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I have never been more excited for the spring season. In my home state of Texas, March is synonymous with the much-anticipated Spring Break, where we all take time off from work and school to relax, play and reconnect. The point is to unplug and slowdown. But, for me this year, I am ramping up!

A special seed was planted in my heart in 2012 when my son was born with Down Syndrome. With trepidation, I tended the idea that advocating for this child might become my destiny. And, of course, as I navigated the challenges Down Syndrome would present, this idea became a belief.  That belief is now my mission.

This site, Acorn & Oak, is now the means to transform my commitment for advocacy into a passion for empowerment. In just 7 years of experience, it is my conclusion that my community living with special or sensory needs and disability is vastly underserved and, quite honestly, marginalized. We know this is not acceptable. Yet, the fact remains that caregivers have little fight beyond the vast responsibilities on their shoulders.

But fighting isn’t what we need. It’s compassion — for those who innocently don’t understand our world, and especially for ourselves. It’s also education. Let’s raise awareness and share our unique situations so that the world can open to our children and recognize the gifts they bring.

I don’t have the energy to take on this big world…yet. So, let’s start simply. Let’s unify, join in community and start where it matters most: our homes. Begin in your safe space. A place you can get quiet and connect with. The beginning and end point of your days. The stage for the memories you will make as a family. Our home is ground zero. I invite you to analyze, without judgement, your own household and whether or not it is truly supporting you and your family like it should. You might not even know! But, hang with me and let me introduce you to some new concepts about what a home can — and should —deliver, over and above being a shelter in life.

I’d like to introduce a theory: the way our homes are designed, furnished, organized and maintained greatly effects our health and wellness. And for those we love who are already health-compromised, can you think of any better news? We do have control! How long have you waited to hear that? This type-A perfectionist is all over it.

The way we all experience our lives is through our five basic senses, so let’s start here. We govern all of our decisions through the lens of sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing. Obviously, we all perceive differently. And you know exactly how tricky it can be when multiple people share a space and each person wants it to match their own preferences. It’s called family and it is an organism of its own!

But, don’t worry! I am here to walk you through the process and spell out possible solutions for you. As we begin the membership content, I will cover one of the senses each month in very digestible bites! You’ll have a whole new way of looking at your home and lots of ideas on how to adapt your spaces to reduce stress and increase wellbeing. Become a premium member and get the exclusive scoop on everything sight related — and let me tell you, there’s a lot more to it than just looking pretty! We’re offering easy and inexpensive design advice, tailored to fit your needs. Upgrade to a premium membership today