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“After purchasing so many other weighted blankets, Acorn and Oak’s weighted blanket is far superior!! It’s the perfect weight for my daughter with Rett Syndrome...and having sold bedding for 20 years, I was really impressed with the quality and love that it's washable.”

-Amanda Lang-

"Shelly puts her heart, soul, and graceful style into all of her projects, including her work, relationships with family and friends, and her new role as an advocate for her son, Ronen, who was born with Down Syndrome. Acorn and Oak is no exception, as it is the perfect marriage of Shelly's passion for design and her desire to support a population very near to her heart."

-Sherry Sauter Parma- M.A., CCC-SLP Speech-Language Pathologist

"Shelly has an innate sense of what is necessary in the design of products that enhance the lives of those that need our talents the most... the special needs community. Her attention to color, texture, and simplicity of detail are just the beginning of her approach to opening the minds and talents of these loving individuals."

-Pat McLaughlin- McLaughlin Collection & Vice President of the Northeast Region TAID


I believe in beauty. I believe beautiful environments have a positive impact on our mood, behavior and interactions. However, beauty could be considered nothing more than aesthetic enjoyment if our overall health and wellness is ignored. We must first lay the foundation for a safe, healthy and supportive environment that will last for years to come and empower individuals of all abilities – before prioritizing the aesthetic.

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