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Our Philosophy

I believe in beauty. I believe beautiful environments have a positive impact on our mood, behavior and interactions. However, beauty could be considered nothing more than aesthetic enjoyment if our overall health and wellness is ignored. We must first lay the foundation for a safe, healthy and supportive environment that will last for years to come and empower individuals of all abilities – before prioritizing the aesthetic.

Dream with me for a moment…

Imagine a world where developers, architects, builders and designers approached their design process through the lens of a health-first methodology, well before attending to the impressions, materials or furnishings. Notable companies like Apple, Google and Amazon already build workplaces that cater to employees’ most basic needs like nutrition, exercise, rest and community. Our homes are no less important. Imagine how our personal spaces would inspire and support us if we incorporated elements of safety, health and wellness as our foundation to create beautiful interiors! How would you feel in a home that fosters rejuvenation, better health, freedom and happiness…

…before beauty?

As much as I love selecting gorgeous fabrics, comfortable furnishings and inspirational art, I wholeheartedly believe that we must first examine the quality of our foundational elements – water, air, light and materials – that are imperative to an environment where we can all thrive, regardless of an individual’s unique needs or limitations.

I began Acorn and Oak as a support system for fellow families raising children who live with the challenges of disabilities and special needs. Each of my three children have multiple diagnoses and have required specific home modifications and adjustments as they grew. Similarly, as my efforts to provide the supportive environment my children needed increased, my own personal haven became even more important as well. As caregivers, it is equally imperative that we are also supported and energized.

The mission behind healthy, adaptive design is really universal and translates to all of us. We are biologically wired to pursue beauty and its’ generous gifts. As disability rights activist Irving Zola once said, “We are all only temporarily abled.” We should not only be designing protective and supportive spaces for those with different needs, but we should also be consciously creating spaces for our future selves.

Acorn and Oak is designed to serve the distinct community of families that never fails to inform, inspire and empower me. I hope I can do the same for you. Join me as I illuminate the issues, offer solutions and provide vital resources you’ll need to make your home the safe sanctuary we all long for.

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