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Welcome to Acorn and Oak

Welcome to Acorn and Oak

Thank you for visiting Acorn and Oak. Truly, I am here because of you- my beloved tribe of parent warriors who are raising children with disabilities and special needs. My three children, living with multiple diagnoses including learning differences, ADHD and Down Syndrome, introduced me to you, and your unwavering support, decades ago. And now it’s my turn to give back. Acorn and Oak is YOUR COMMUNITY RESOURCE for creating a healthier, less stressful and beautiful home. 

My education in the power of design began as a small child. My father, a Navy pilot, moved us all over the country and even after my parents divorced, my life continued to wind its way through more than twenty more places I called home. Regardless of our circumstances, which were often full of uncertainty and even fear, my mother created beauty. Floral bedding in one house might become kitchen curtains in the next. A few yards of dime store fabric made a cheerful pillow or two. A gallon of paint lifted the mood in a dark apartment. I quickly learned that no matter how rough life can be, a personal sense of home is the anchor we all need to thrive.

I was naturally drawn to interior design as a career and have enjoyed two decades of transforming mediocre spaces to mirror the lovely people inside them. Design, to me, means safety, security, comfort and inspiration. I believe everyone on the planet deserves to live in a dignified home, consciously adapted to their specific needs. This has nothing to do with being rich or fancy- it has everything to do with supporting yourself and your family to live YOUR BEST LIFE!

Allow me to guide your through this process. I understand that our unique community won’t always have the same level of financial ease or spare time than others do to research the products and services that can make our lives better. Acorn and Oak offers you a membership site, Inner Circle Design, to give you everything you need to create the sanctuary you long for. Learn how to eliminate stress, save time, get healthier and have a pretty home all at the same time- in a way that is just right for you.

Every week you’ll enjoy design advice, practical products, simple DIY weekend projects, discount codes and more. My mission is to empower and improve the lives of families living with special needs and disabilities through the lens of adaptive interior design. Join me and together, let’s design homes that reflect the power within our divine community!